After over a year working with ESPN, I have been offered a few jobs in Malaysia. I didn’t see that coming but I’m glad and honoured. Unfortunately I had to turn down the offers and chose to commit to the contract I signed with my current employer.

Company XYZ especially have offered me twice. It’s quite a big broadcasting company in Malaysia. The first time around they offered me to be a co-host for their new show once a week. Which means I have to travel to KL every Monday from Singapore for the recording.

That was something new for me. I even went for the audition and they were sure that they wanted me on the 30-minutes show. I thought hard about it and since it was a once a week job, I guess it wasn’t so bad and it’s a new experience.

Due to some contract issues and risk that there would be a conflict of interest between my current job and XYZ, I had to turn down the offer.

Months after that, they contacted me again. This time they wanted me as a broadcast journalist. Again, something new for me. I thought the job was very interesting. In fact, it’s something that I have always wanted to do. They were serious about it and wanted me as a full-time employee there.

At the same time, ESPN was under transition to Fox Sports who have taken over the company. So I was contemplating for a while.

Of course it’s important that you love what you do and if I took the broadcast journalist job, that also means I would be taking a pay-cut HALF of what I’m earning at the current company. That’s a lot of sacrifice including that I have to move to Malaysia. Not only that. The job is also very competitive. Much more different than what I’m doing now.

So I thought and thought. Asked a second and third opinion. My parents would prefer me to stay in Singapore and that’s exactly what I have decided. Again, I turned down XYZ. Maybe it’s not the time yet. If I am meant to be doing that, maybe the chance will come again.

Fox Sports or they call it, Fox International Corporation sounds very posh and only later on that I know it is actually ‘posh’. And I’m actually looking forward to the rebranding :)


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