Creepy Campus

Yesterday, I tweeted Ruzanna‘s blog link about the paranormal activities going on at UiTM Lendu. First of all she is a good writer, her language is good and the story was worth the share.

Little did I know the blog would went viral to an extend where it was blown out of proportion. Everyone on Twitter started tweeting about it and the link on how creepy is UiTM Lendu. It even trended on Twitter.

Ruzanna seems like a private person. So I felt bad when the blog went viral and that she even got in trouble with her University. The post has over 500++ comments now and according to her she got hundred of thousands hits which have never happened before. Even the UiTM Vice Chancellor tweeted about it. It was that crazy.

They are trying so hard to deny the story when the fact is it’s not something new. I have heard about it since a few years ago. Just nobody has really blogged about it and tells it how it is.

But what the UiTM folks told her to do was ridiculous. Not that I’m surprised they acted that way but it’s freaking 2013 and they still have that mentality. It’s pathetic. Ruzanna freaked out a little when a lot of people found out about her blog but she’s strong so she made another post clarifying some things.

I have never been to UiTM Lendu or any other UiTMs. But I have seen photos of the campus. IT IS CREEPY!


One thought on “Creepy Campus

  1. Mr SN January 19, 2013 / 8:38 PM

    been there at Lendu campus in 2007. back then no such things as these ghost, entity, paranormal stories.

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