Terukir di bintang

Congratulations to Yuna for winning the AJL 27 last night. She more than deserves such award.

Terukir Di Bintang makes me happy but I didn’t think the song would win. In fact I wanted Teman Pengganti to win for obvious reasons. My Dad particularly didn’t agree at all with the decision. Not that he has anything against Yuna but he was rooting for Ku Akui by Hafiz or Patah Seribu by Shila.

He actually sent a message to Acis (Shiela Majid’s huband) who was one of the jury, saying that he didn’t think Terukir Di Bintang should win.

Acis said the score was very close and Terukir Di Bintang is a very creative song and actually deserved to win. He also mentioned that his marks for Ku Akui couldn’t be counted because he arranged the song for Ajai, the composer.

Then my Dad said, okay, fair enough. 

It’s no big deal but maybe it would be great if they made public on how the songs are judged, the scores etc.

One more thing, award shows in Malaysia should not be reading out fans’ tweets anymore. I undertsand the purpose but it’s not working out well. 


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