I have said this before and I’m going to say this again. No matter how great a fiction movie is, it is still nothing like a true story. Nothing beats a movie that is based on a true event. I just value them more.

Whoever actually bothered about The Academy Awards would have known by now that this amazing movie up there, The King’s Speech has won Best Picture at the Oscars with the main actor, Colin Firth being awarded as Best Actor. Well he absolutely deserved it for the role he played in the movie. (Y)

Honestly, I had no idea what the movie was about before I watched it but I’m aware that the characters did exist in reality. So after I watched it, I asked my Mom about King George since she has more knowledge about the British royal family. Then, I was clear about it.

But what she and most of us didn’t know is that there was a man who helped The King with his speeches. Thank God for this movie, now we all know the important man who was always with the King. Also, we see the wife’s effort in helping and supporting his beloved husband.

Of course, this is not the ONLY best movies that I’ve seen. It’s certainly one of the best. Not to forget, congrats to the lovely Natalie Portman for winning the Best Actress for Black Swan. :)

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