Staying Put

This is probably just a random update. I’ll just update some ‘new’ things about me. But first, if you didn’t notice, I  am done with the 10 days challenge and I’m not sure if I did them right but I guess those were good enough.

Moving on on what’s new with me.

I dyed my hair red. It’s not really THAT red. Hayley Williams red or whatever. I didn’t have the guts to make it real red so it’s kinda like dark red purplish. I don’t have a picture of me with that hair yet though or even if I did, the colour don’t really seem to be visible. What a waste, I know.

In two weeks, I’ll be moving to a new house. Yeah, I’ll be ditching the apartment that I have stayed for almost 3 years. It’s good to finally get out of there and live in a decent house with some cool new friends I made. It’s not a huge house but we’ll make it nice. I’ll talk about the new house later when we have completely moved in. I’m excited ! ;)

Probably I was really excited for the iPad. Now that I have it in my hands I realised that the iPad excitement is temporary. I am not sure why. Is it that I’m not familiar with Machines or touch-screen is really not my thing ? One second it’s fun and another second I couldn’t figure out how else can this thing excites me ? hmm maybe it’s not the iPad, maybe it’s me :/

By the way I didn’t expect for the ‘Con’ post to get so much of attention after not updating this blog in a while. Some of the dramatic comments are kinda funny though :P What I can say is that most of the people that commented didn’t really meant to comment about that post but more on to comment about me. That’s fine. I don’t need to clarify anything. I know who gets me and who doesn’t. That’s all that matters.

I guess I won’t be quitting the blog then ;)


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