NZ, 21

I may be two days late. I was never this late before but better late than never.

On February 22nd, 2011, my best friend entered adulthood ! She’s 21 now :)

I never really got to celebrate her birthday. Neither do she got to celebrate my birthday with me. Blame distance for that. But that doesn’t matter. Thoughts that count. Okay now I’m being so cliche. But cliche is not wrong. Anyway, if I said Nadzrul Adam is something that I’m sure of for my future then Nyssa would be a friend that I’m sure would always be my friend for as long as I live. At least that’s how I want it to be. Couldn’t find any other friend like her. She’s that special ;)

Nyssa, I know I could never get to spell your name right. I always confused whether it’s Khairunnisa or Khairunissa. haha forgive me, friend.

Well, Nyssa 12 days younger than me doesn’t make you so younger than me okay ? hehe

One thought on “NZ, 21

  1. Gadis Najlaa February 24, 2011 / 1:39 PM

    nz pasti melalak membaca entry yg sungguh bermakna ini.hehe

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