Diana F+

I guess supposedly I should be writing about how my 21st birthday went, no ? Well, I didn’t have like a huge party or something but the celebration was good enough for me. For that, I have Adam to thank for. :)

He got me a new toy too !

It’s a Diana F+ lomo camera !
I’m still getting used to it. I’m really not a photography person. By that I mean, I prefer to be in front of the camera than behind the camera. Even when I’m behind the camera, I still want to be in front of it. Just look at the photo ! HAHA  I’ve sent the films to be processed. Can’t wait to see the photos ! ;)

It was a great time at Sunway Lagoon too. Though Dad said “Eh apa lahh pergi tempat budak budak” :P

Then I had my two best friends later at night.- the ever handsome Imran and beautiful Aliaa ! <3

Aliaa bought me some macaroons too. Yeahh, I didn’t have a cake on my 21st birthday but… that’s all right :)

Excuse the pale face. The BB flash made me look awful in this photo -.-
Anyway, I just want to than everybody for the well wishes. It was a happy day for me. 
I’m an adult now. 21 is like wow. 
All in ll, my main concern every time I grew a year older is where will I be heading next ?


2 thoughts on “Diana F+

  1. Aysha February 12, 2011 / 5:53 PM

    You're the only one to wish me on my blog. Thanks again and again ! :D

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