February 2011

It is already 2nd of February and I can’t believe I haven’t exclusively welcomed the month on my blog. Well yeah, I say exclusively because February is like my favourite month of all ;)

Why is February so special to me ? That’s easy. It’s my birthday month ! :D and 4 days after that is Valentine’s Day. Aww isn’t that sweet ? Now nobody wants to date me cause in February he will be broke since he has to spend double for me. Well that is if he can or he wants to. hehe ;)

This February is even more special cause it is the month I will turn TWENTY-ONE. Oh well, that is adulthood I’m entering. I’m growing up so fast !

Anyway, I’m not gonna say ‘February please be good to me yada yada’ cause I know it will. Even if it’s not good, it is still good.

So Hello February the month of LOVE ! ;)


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