A lot of people seemed to be under a lot of stress and pressure lately. Be it the people who are close to me or not. A lot of things are bothering a lot of people. Some are stressed cause of some money matters, some due to workloads at the office, school and even crisis between friends or family.

Why January ? How come you are so harsh to these people that I care for ?

As for myself, I am doing pretty okay fortunately. Nothing really bothers me so much that could put me into a lot of stress. I think the most stressful thing for me lately is still getting up so early in the morning for work. Urgh. but thank God I have only a few days left for work. :)

Anyway, anyone whose gravity is working against them lately, hang in there. I’m sure all that won’t be for long. 2011 may have started pretty harsh but good things come to those who wait, no ? January is almost done and I’m excited for the sweetest month, February ;)


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