I’ve written on my blog before that I always end up with mommy’s boy. In fact, I only end up with mommy’s boys. They are all mostly the only boy in the family. So yeah, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not but it’s kinda like a curse to me :S

Anyway, there was this Mommy’s boy too, but he was not the only boy in the family and not even the youngest. He had 1 brother and 3 other siblings after him but it just happened that he is beyond any other Mommy’s boy that I knew.

No this is serious. I think he is the most spoilt boy I have ever known. We are not that close anymore though. Let’s see why he is the most spoilt boy. He is 20 this year by the way, and these all happened when he was 16 to 17. I’m not sure about now.

This is a true story

  1. His mother NEVER let him iron his own shirt. On one occasion. she screamed when she saw him ironing his own shirt. Literally screamed and in rage cause she was afraid her son might hurt himself
  2. He wanted to join the rugby team for his school (VI), his mother cried begging him NOT to join because she didn’t want him to injure himself since rugby is a very physical sport. He did join eventually but with condition….
  3. After EVERY rugby game or training, his mother will take him to the spa for massage, facial etc
  4. At one time he had to walk to somewhere from his house and it was hot outside. So his Mom put the sunblock all over his body so he won’t burn his skin. Seriously, it was just a 5 minutes walk.
  5. and also the most ridiculous thing is, his Mom scolded him for scooping the rice from the rice pot for himself at dinner table. His Mom did it for him instead and she even told him not to do that ever and let she or their maids do it.

One thought on “Brat

  1. Evnglka January 29, 2011 / 9:30 PM

    Imagine his first date. His mom would probably tape a rape alarm for him and drive behind him.

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