I don’t really have a good memory of my childhood. I barely remember most of them. I could recall only a few. But my brother does. He’s younger than me but he could remember better. Maybe that’s just him.

So our neighbour back in 1995 in Cheras, KL found my Dad on Facebook. Of course, I don’t remember them. Dad said that whenever he and mom were out station, they will drop my brother and I at this neighbour’s house, still I don’t remember a thing about it. They had kids too, perhaps around my age but I don’t remember them.

Good thing is, the father remembers me. hehe.

Then he send a photo to my Dad. An old photo of me and my brother. Perhaps the sexiest photo of me anyone have ever kept. It’s a topless photo all right ?! Even my family don’t own this photo. Not even a copy.

Well, TADAAAA !  

That’s my brother on the left and I don’t know which is me cause all looked like boys to me ……Yeaaa I’m the one at the back, behind the second boy from left.

I don’t remember this. I don’t remember the other two boys either. :/

Anyway, I LOVE old photographs ;)


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