Happy 21st Imran !

One of the most important people in my life turns 21 today. This is would be the third birthday post of him and that means we’ve been great friends for almost 3 years now. Such great wonderful years I must say. Some things may have changed through out the years but there wasn’t a time we fought, had issues or anything like that. For two best friends, we are more ONE than any other lovers, perhaps.

I have been with him long enough to witness all the different hairstyles he had and vice versa. Let’s see all the hairstyles this best friend of mine had in 3 years.

Actually, I don’t get the moustache thing. So awful. Stick with clean shaved Imran ! hehe This was 2009 I think :)
Then this was on his 20th Birthday where he turned white :P
Then, he sort of tried something different…. for a day only
He always love his hair long, Faizal Tahir-like hair. Well there was a five year old kid who thought he was Faizal Tahir though when the kid actually shouted to his mother “Mama ! Faizal Tahir !” and Imran ran away o_O
He will always look like a school boy with short hair and that’s why he hates short hair cause he prefers people to see him older than his real age. I was fooled too when I first met him. Thought he was 20-something when he was actually 18. That was in fact the only time I was fooled by him. Never again right after that. He’s terrible at lying. 
As much as he hates short hair, now that he has got into the hotel business, somehow the long silky hair just had to go. And like it or not, he just got to get used with a short hair. But I think it’s not so bad. He’s okay with anything, I guess. hehe
Tadaa ! No more Faizal Tahir there.Awwh :P
He may have changed his hair a lot, but never once has he dyed his hair. ;)
and seriously…
fall in love already man ! :D

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