On Wednesday, we went to Wangsa Walk Mall to catch Khurafat and all shows were full until midnight and it was only 6 or 7pm. The next day we went to One Utama and again it was full house. I almost gave up because my nature is I don’t like to be ‘terhegeh hegeh’ over something.

Due to some comments from some people on that movie, I admit that I was tempted to watch it. So randomly we tried our luck at Sunway Pyramid last night and got the midnight show. So I said to myself, this movie better be damn good cause honestly my expectation was high. Don’t blame me, it was full all the time.


  1. First of all, if the point of the movie is to be scary, then it failed greatly. If the point of the movie is to show that khurafat is against the religion then we understood that after only 10 minutes the movie begun.
  2. How on earth does khurafat which is a practice of black magic as in believing in God’s creation more than God Himself related to a woman wearing a white dress, long hair and red eyes ? Tell me how is that khurafat ? Is that how ‘khurafat’ looks like? Isn’t it khurafat to believe that khurafat looks like that?
  3. The movie I believe was set in present years and not in the 50s by looking at how they were dressed and all, of course. But through out the movie the only spoke the Bahasa Malaysia book’s language. Not like how we speak to each other on our everyday lives. And also if you want to hit on a girl at a club, you look like a gentleman but do you really say “saya betul betul nak kawan dengan awak ni” ? So unrealistic.I guess that’s typical of Skop Production.
  4. The ‘ghost’ wasn’t scary at all. So the way they wanted to ‘scare’ us was through very familiar sound effects, night scenes and sudden entrance or appearance by some ‘ghosts’ along with loud sound effect. And all time in a supposed to be scary scene, that will happened THREE times. First the ghost appeared in front of him, then behind him and then above him on the ceiling. PFFT
  5. Liyana Jasmay was just okay. She was just an extra with a script. Syamsul Yusof was the dominant character, of course. Ironically, the dominant character was the MOST stiff actor in that movie. Bloody hell he can’t act a thing. But then he was the director. Who can stop him right ? Get over yourself already Syamsul.
  6. Conclusion: Malaysian horror movies are horrifying in a very terrible way.

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