Mi Casa

I had my time when I was so excited to live away from my family. To be at somewhere new where nobody knows me, where I’m not familiar with. Not that I had any problems at home, but I never left home. Never went to boarding school and such. So living away was a whole new thing and being me, I’m always up to explore new things.

Living away from home is undeniably great. No curfews when you’re out, do anything I like, go anywhere I wish. I set limits for myself and not anyone else. Sure at home, there are house rules. Restrictions here and there. But maybe I miss all those things.

Honestly now, after almost 3 years living away, I wish to be home at all time. I don’t know if I got tired of the same things over here or what.

Maybe it’s just me who is always up to explore something new but when I feel like I have had enough, I will always go back to what’s familiar to me.


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