Death Note

A girl on the same floor as me, which is on the 10th floor tried to commit suicide recently. I don’t really know her but her apartment is just a stone away from mine. Heard that she was already half way through the windows. She didn’t succeed with her suicide attempt by the way. I don’t know what happened.

That is probably the third suicide attempt I’ve heard in this apartment since the past two years I’m here. Out of three, only one, which was the first one, succeeded. It was a business man who jumped from the 25th floor and died on the spot.

These people are idiots.

Don’t tell me that I’m not in their shoes and so I don’t know what they have gone through. It’s easier to say than done yada yada yada. Please, that’s bull crap.

I don’t want to get religion involved in this post or some over sensitive people would gone ballistic on my blog. The point is, there’s so much to life than that. I value my life so much. It’s real talk that life is a gift. Imagine people who died right after they were born, or who had cancer and only got to live for several years. They would do anything just to live. But some people who actually had a chance to live, chose to end their lives. How sad is that?

Worse, when the two girls wanted to commit suicide were around my age or even younger by a year or two. What could even be so hard for them to continue living? stress from studying? heartbroken? or because you are fat? Come on, it is not called life if there are no few hardships. It’s too beautiful to end.

I am very thankful that never once in my life after 20 years, that I had the slightest thought of ending my precious life. Not even at times when I found life was so hard on me.

One thought on “Death Note

  1. Ana January 20, 2011 / 7:35 PM

    Taking your life into your own hands is like YOU'RE playing God. And that's a big no-no to me. Sure, they say “oh I'll be better off dead, yada yada” but they don't have ANY idea what they are putting their friends and family through.

    Some people can be really stupid. Stress from studying? Peer pressure? Pfft. That's just miniscule compared to those who are suffering from terminal diseases.

    Like I said, people who wants or have committed suicide are stupid.

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