Yesterday, Saturday was a long day for me but a good one. Kinda tiring, but yes a good tiring one. So, as you all Malaysians know, Justin Bieber is coming to KL this April. My sister, is a Belieber. Like a damn hardcore fan where you can’t even mention a slight of bad thing about Bieber.

Anyway, yesterday Adam and I went to Bangsar Village II to buy the concert tickets for myself and for my sister too, of course. Yesterday the tickets were sold to only Tune Talk subscribers, so yeah we had to subscribe to Tune Talk yesterday just because my sister NEEDED to be among the firsts to get the tickets.

Little kids as young as 4 or 5 were very excited for Bieber and even their Dads were excited that their daughters are excited.

Jason Lo said that the kids queued since 4 am ! o_O
Only Tune Talk users had access to enter this area
Adam and I had lunch at Chawan and when we returned to Bangsar Village II, the queues were all gone. It was pretty weird though. I really didn’t know what happened while we had our lunch. I bought the tickets without having to queue at all. Pretty lucky.

Then we went off to One Utama from Bangsar for some shopping and movie. Then wanted to go to Sunway Pyramid but it was way too crowded. So we went to Empire Gallery instead. It’s always kinds free there. Got some macaroons and bought a top for myself. :)

Three malls in a day. We are random like that. We didn’t really plan, we just drive around and see where we stopped at. :P It’s always better that way.


One thought on “Biebah

  1. N/a January 16, 2011 / 6:54 PM

    Thank you ;)

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