That Can Wait

Flipped through an acquaintance’s wedding album on Facebook. She got married last month, right before new year. Both she and her husband are my age, 20 going on 21. Through the photos, the reception looked so sweet and simple just the way I like it.

The wedding dress, the pelamin, the cake and all were nice. Something I don’t really expect from an early marriage but maybe both families are well off so it wasn’t really a problem to have a nice, proper wedding for their young kids. The theme colours were pastle colours like white, pink and baby blue. So dreamy and the wedding was casual. Very laid back outdoor wedding and everybody in the photos especially the newly wed looked very happy ;)

For instance I thought it was nice to get married so young ;)

And then there was my classmate from primary school who got married on the same month too. Saw her wedding photos. They had a traditional Malay wedding indoor, at the bride’s house and the theme was purple. The bride wore this purple kebaya songket which looked kinda heavy and her make up was hmm typical mak andam make-up. While the groom wore a white satin baju melayu with purple sampin. The pelamin had huge tall chairs that were only inches away from the house ceiling. Both bride and groom honestly, didn’t look very happy. o_O A kind of wedding I can’t imagine myself had.

That’s when I thought it is a lot better to wait than to rush because I don’t want a mak andam make-up and I would probably refuse to wear low cost songket on my wedding.


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