My Favourite Bird

I think Twitter is such a great invention. I’ve been there for more than a year now. When I first started, not many were aware of this blue bird. Now. Woaah I can count who is not on Twitter. Everybody is there now. Can’t really find a reason why anyone shouldn’t tweet though. Not like it’s a must or anything. That’s not what I’m saying. Well, fastest and breaking news are there. One of the reasons I tweet.

Apart from that, I enjoy instant thoughts of the people that I follow on Twitter. Check out these random tweets which I found funny and interesting ;)

  • “I think I’ve got no problems with people who get botox… unless they deny it. Like… saying it’s because of air wudu’. Seriously? -_-‘” – @nayn
  • “Saw a girl w undone hair, worn-out t-shirt, purposely-torn jeans and unacceptable flip flops. Glad I wasn’t a girl. Embarassment to another!”

              “Be logical. How can a girl ever decide to leave her house with such an appearance? My maids possibly groom better!” – @kimidaniel

  • “Budak pompuan ni kalau nak gayut, pegi jauh jauh. Ni lapar pun nak ngadu dgn balak kau. Tendang pipi kau kang.”

               “Oh babinye, kucing mati pun nak buat tekejut. Faker btol pompuan ni. “Eh kesian la u kucing  mati”

                “Kucing demam bagi panadol? Kau mmg celaka k.” – @dearfirdaus

  • #ThatAwkwardMoment When someone calls you on the phone and think the conversation is over they start a new topic AFTER you just said BYE”. – @evnglka
Amazing how some tweets could make my day :D

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