Findings of The Night

I may be a Manchester United fan, a football fan. I don’t ONLY watch Manchester United play, when there are other good games, I do watch them too. I value good football very much. But then, to be honest I am not so much of a local football fan. Not even when they had won the AFF Suzuki Cup after 14 years.

Don’t blame me. I didn’t grew up watching local football. In fact, I never bother about it. I’m not at all trying to condemn the quality of the Malaysian football or anything like that. Because the talk of how awful our pitch, our players or the football itself is really getting old and lame. I’m really like ‘whatever’ about it.

I went to Rasta to watch the second-leg final of the Suzuki Cup. I like Rasta cause it has huge screens showing football matches. The place were packed and of course as an observer, there was really many things to be observed on that day. Let’s check out my ‘findings’.

  • To my surprise, there were more girls wearing the Malaysian jerseys that night. Loose jerseys, with hot pants (which was not that hot). It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with me on this. You are entitled to your own opinions. But to me, some of these girls don’t even watch a single football. Came in with stuck up faces wearing jerseys for just one thing – cheap attention at Rasta. pfft.
  • We were not late that night, but most tables were already booked for like ten people per table. But we were fortunate to get a table with a wide view of the screen. BUT THEN, there was a couple facing us and NOT the screen caressing and kissing each other. Literally. At that time, we can’t change tables and to watch the screen, we have to watch them too cause they were right in front of our table. They didn’t even let go of each other even for a second and I am not exaggerating. Urgh, so disgusting. Even worse when the guy looks like a dinosaur. I don’t know why I thought of dinosaur but that was the first thing that came into my mind.

  • There were two fat women right behind our table. Their conversation caught my attention that night

Fat Lady 1: aku nak order waffles lah. Dengan sandwich sekali. Milo ais okay ?

Fat Lady 2: Wahhh lapar betul

Fat Lady 1: Haa memang lapar pun. When I’m hungry, I’m cranky. You don’t want to make a hungry fat woman angry.

It was a great night with a great crowd. Yeah it was good I guess that the Malaysian team won. At least now, they have proved something. But then I was actually paying more attention on my surroundings than on the screen and no I have nothing against overweight people ;)

4 thoughts on “Findings of The Night

  1. Ana January 4, 2011 / 8:21 AM

    Haa. I admit, I love football, and I am a fan of Man Utd (probably since David Beckham and Nistelrooy were still in the team) but since my parents don't subscribe the sports channel, I don't get to watch the matches. And I grew up in that atmosphere. I rarely watch matches, unfortunately.

    But yeah, I know what you mean by girls yang pergi “tengok” match tapi actually nak attention. Lepas tu bising bising -.- Banyak sangat girls mcm tu in my area pun. Tak perlu nak jadi fake sangat lah kan, haha. :P

  2. Aysha January 4, 2011 / 10:11 AM

    Yes, Ana like totally annoying kot diorang. Nampak sangat pakai jerseys to grab attention. Cool la konon. Like duhh -__-

  3. oohitsrainbow January 4, 2011 / 9:41 PM

    I agree with you Aysha! Most girls who went to public to watch the big game, wants to seek attention, which I think they have zero knowledge about football. So fake.

    And for the couple tu, gila annoyed that's why I prefer to watch football at home.

  4. Aysha January 5, 2011 / 9:03 AM

    haha the couple was really annoying

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