I do follow plenty of blogs. Blogs that I like. Well true, most of that I follow are my friends or my acquaintances but I do follow strangers’ blogs too, only the good ones and I do follow anonymously for some reasons.

So as you can see on the right sidebar, I have had those links for quite some time. Here I ‘m going to tell why I follow their blogs and who they are in alphabetical order just like how they are displayed there.

1. Aizat Zahar

Who: Aizat is my friend whom I knew in late 2008 I think or maybe in 2009 I can’t really recall. He is such a character. He is loud. Probably the loudest friend I have had. ;) We used the hang out a lot but not that much anymore after he moved to Australia.

What he blogs: He blogs mostly about himself. He’s very expressive with his feelings on his blog. So yes you will see some very emotional post and also very ecstatic ones. :)

Follow him on Twitter too @arts1412

2. Diane Arshad

Who: Diane is a friend too, alongside with Aizat but we didn’t really get to hang out that much since we taled more after she moved to Canada. It’s kinda funny though. ;)

What she blogs: Diane is a woman. Haha of course. What I meant was, you can expect stuff like How To(s) for ladies on her blog. She is queen of shopping, make-ups and sometimes she blogs about what she cooks too. ;)

Follow her on Twitter too @DianeArshad

3. Evangelika

Who: We call her Angel. She’s a friend from college. I must say she is a cool lady. She’s always very well dressed and got to love her when she talks. :)

What she blogs: This is her Tumblr by the way. So with Tumblr, you won’t see so many words. She doesn’t really write on her Tumblr but she posts cool photos. Mostly of what she likes. e.g. jeeps, red indians, maps. I   know right ? Whoever thought about red indians ? That’s why she’s cool like that ;)

You may not able to see much of her amazing thoughts on Tumblr, but you can see them on her Twitter @evnglka

4. Farhana Marwan

Who: She is initially just a friend of friend. I knew her from by best friend Aliaa. Then, my brother got into the same University as hers. We talked even more since then. Now I considered her my friend too. Ana is a good writer to me. She is not really like any other girls. She listens to music that not many girls like but we do have good taste in men, I must say ;)

What she blogs: She has a few blogs with different purposes. This one I followed is probably the most personal blog that she has. On this blog, she mainly writes about what’s going on with herself and her life. Also, the people around her. :)

Tweet her too @farhanamarwan

5. Farhanah Diman

Who: I have been following Nana since she was on Tumblr. I can’t really remember how I found her Tumblr but I knew I liked what I saw when I found her blog. I don’t get to know her personally just yet because she’s mostly in London and even when she’s in KL, she doesn’t really stay in one spot for long.

What she blogs: Nana writes about almost everything. The significant things, of course. She writes about how she feels about something either good or bad. She’s a shopaholic too, so check out what she shopped every now and then on her blog. Also, expect some delicious food photos ! ;)

See how she is everywhere on her Twitter @nayn

6. Hazirah Kamel

Who: Hazirah is my best friend for 9 years. Enough said :)

What she blogs: She doesn’t really blog that much. At least not as much as I do. She blogs her thoughts mainly and when she writes, she doesn’t write short. Here is where if you want to have a good read. She’s one intelligent friend. ;)

7. Justpalotaku

Who: Actually, I don’t really know who this is. But I know it’s a man behind the blog. A smart one :)

What he blogs: I first followed his Tumblr which I found so interesting and just yesterday I found out that he writes more on his WordPress. I just followed his blog and have just read a few and so far so good. :)

Tweet him @justpalotaku

8. Nadzrul Adam

Who: My best friend when I was 5, long lost friend for 15 years and the one who has my most part of my heart now :)

What he blogs: He mostly blogs about me. So don’t follow him cause it would be boring to read about me right ? hehehe just kidding. He has a great mind that I love. He doesn’t blog often but sometimes he writes some good stuff. Okay I won’t go on or I would sound biased ;)

Follow my man on Twitter @NadzrulAdam

9.  Shahira Zainul

Who: Shira is the youngest blogger I have on my Blogwalk. She’s 17 this year but I promise you she’s a grown up girl. :)

What she blogs: She blogs about how she feels and about her life mostly. She has all her words in order when she writes. She’s not too emotional on her blog even when she’s very down. She tells her story well. :)

Tweet her too @shahirazainul

10. Shahredza Minhat

Who: I know him since he acted in the movie Pisau Cukur. He was new in the industry so I didn’t really care that much about who Redza Minhat is. But then, found his blog and I’m impressed.

What he blogs: I don’t really know how to say but I think he’s brilliant (and cute too). Check him out ;)

As I do this, I just realized that I have ten links on that Blogwalk sidebar. I didn’t really set a limit or anything though but ten seems like a good number to me. :)

One thought on “Blogwalk

  1. The lady who blogs about red indian January 19, 2011 / 12:42 AM

    *silent appreciation* :)

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