Farewell Dear 2010

Three days to 2011.

Honestly, it’s kinda sad to leave 2010 behind. 2009 was easy to let go. 2009 wasn’t my best year but 2010 was fantastic. Now, there are only three days of 2010 left. THREE DAYS !

This could have been a long post if I wanna talk ALL about the fantastic 2010. Such great year, of course there’s a lot to talk about but don’t fret, I in fact have them all written already in this blog though the blog started from April 2010 but that’s when it all begins actually :) So I’ll just do some brief recap on 2010.

February 2010
Well, the day I turned 20 and had eggs and flour all over me. One of the reason 2010 is too meaningful as it was the year I left the -teen in my age.

May 2010
(it was end of April actually) Remarkable month. The month I re-connected with Adam again, after 15 years ! We were just little kids years ago. Who knew that 15 years later we both become very special to each other ;)

November 2010
My first day at work. All brand new stuff for me. Great experience. Not to forget, the month I got my first paycheck too :)

December 2010
Nothing much this month, just the same stuff. But I just put it down cause what’s in May is still in this month ;)
Some are saying ‘what’s in 2010, stays in 2010’ . But why ? If it’s good stuff, sure you wanna take with you forever, no ? Even if it’s not forever, perhaps a little bit longer and not just let it go just like that, right ? What I’m saying is, whatever that happened in 2010, good or bad I’m still thankful for it. And of course, there are a lot of things in 2010 that I would wanna take with me for long. ;)

Note: This post would be my last post for this year and this blog. To those who have followed me, and actually read my blog, thank you so much. This WordPress blog has been great to me since April 29, 2010. I will be blogging somewhere else starting Jan 1st, 2011, I will let you know where later and now  I bid farewell to 2010 and this blog.

Happy New Year !


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