Fake Me Not


Yesterday I woke up, checked my Facebook inbox and found this Facebook link sent from a friend from college. Opened it and I was surprised that my photo has been used for that Facebook account by the name, as you can see, Rashida Hanim. The profile is completely private so there isn’t much information I can get on who was responsible for this.

The photo displayed was my photo from 2008. That was like two years ago and as far as I can remember, I only had the photo on Myspace that I have terminated about a year or more ago.

I don’t get this. Whoever this is, must have ‘stolen’ and saved this photo on his/her computer. And I’m not sure if he/she has any more of my photos on this Facebook :/ Worse, I don’t know what’s his/her activity on Facebook with my face on it. This is awful !

According to my friend, this Facebook appeared on his ‘People You May Know’ on Facebook. hmm I seriously do not appreciate such thing. What is this person did something bad while having my face there ?

I have had some friends made reports on this fake Facebook profile, do me a favour too if you don’t mind. I would very much appreciate it. Thank you in advanced.

By the way, whoever this Rashida Hanim is, I’m sure you have your own face or is that even your real name ? Please don’t use mine. It’s not flattering. If you admire me or anyone for that matter, show it in some other appropriate ways. This is just pathetic.


One thought on “Fake Me Not

  1. pink lavender December 23, 2010 / 3:25 PM

    Oh.My.God! *jaw dropped

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