Your Game

Few weeks ago, Adam bought an X-box 360  (which I still don’t understand why he needs it). He’s 20, with other m0re important commitments, I still believe he won’t even have time for that X-box. But he still wanted it so bad and now he has it.

Few days after he put his hands on his new love, he brought up this conversation…

Adam: I tak boleh connect la dengan X-box.

Me: What do you mean ?

Adam: Geram gila main. Tak biasa dengan dia.

Me: slow slow la belajar.

Adam: Macam kalau dengan PSP I tu, kalau gaduh je dengan dia, mesti baik balik, gaduh je, baik balik. X-box ni macam tak boleh. Macam tak boleh masuk dengan dia.

Me: -_-

Adam: yela, I tak pernah kalau game sampai nak kena Google macam mana nak main.

Me: You’re too old for such games dah. Susah nak cepat belajar.

As if the machine is a human.


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