Tone It Down

I am not a screamer myself. I may have talked a tone or two louder than my normal voice in some occasion but I hardly scream over anything.I can’t stand people who talk so loud like nobody’s business. Let alone, talk loudly to my face. I don’t scream when I’m shocked, when I’m ecstatic over something, not even when I’m incredibly terrified. In fact, I would quiet. I am not sure if I’m numb or what but it’s just not that easy for me to scream/shout. I know people who scream over anything – mostly for lame  attention. -_-

There’s this lady at the office. She’s like a lion. Or maybe worse than a lion. You don’t like when she’s angry. She shouts at people when she’s mad. I’ve heard her screamed to people on the phone and yesterday, there was a scene here at the office. She and another lady from PR are not in a really good terms, but they got to work together. Then things went wrong. They both shouted and screamed at each other in front of everybody at the office who were trying to do their work, including myself.

That was way too immature.

They are both adults. Grown up ladies. I’m not sure of their ages but I’m guessing around late 30s reaching 40. How can they cat-fought at the office ? With F-word, bastard and idiot ? One of them even punched the door. Childish. Simply childish.

For me, it’s completely disrespectful when you shout and scream at people. Let alone in public. It’s a humiliation not even for the ‘victim’ but for themselves too. They think they’re so big to talk in such manner to others. This isn’t kids you’re dealing with. You have yours and people have their reputations.

Can’t people just talk nicely ? Even what you wanna say is mean, say it nicely. People will respect you for that no matter how much they don’t like what you say.


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