I must say that last night’s event was a whole new experience for me. A good and fun one. Saw a lot of new stuff too.For me, everywhere I go, I like to observe people. People are so interesting in so many ways.

Scene One

Last night, it was a grand event for the company. Most of the nominated Restaurants were all classy Restaurants such as Enak KL and Bijan. Perhaps the not-so-classy category for the awards was Best Mamak/Hawker category. So if the Restaurants are classy, the owners and managers must be posh and dashing too. Everybody was in tux, cocktail dresses and stilletos. They present the Restaurants they own.

One of the nominated Best Mamak/Hawker was Nasi Kandar Pelita. Their representatives were dressed the simplest of all. They didn’t really bother to dress for the awards. Or maybe they didn’t expect the event was going to be that grand ? Or perhaps because they’re just some Mamak so they dress the way the are ? Nasi Kandar Pelita won Best Mamak in Klang Valley by the way.


Scene Two

What’s great about last night was that there were no VIP invitations. Everybody was standing and sitting at the same height. It’s good when there was no protocol or some double standard needed to applied to some ‘Very Important Person’. In a way, that makes our work easier too.

But then, there were some people who make themselves VIPs. This late 40s woman came in the entrance, did her ‘glam’ photoshoot. All the time with a very tight face. Wearing this body-tight white dress, with an almost thick make-up and blue eye shadow, 5-inch heels and a Chanel clutch in hand.

So one of our team members who was assigned to jot down the guests name, of course asked for her name -POLITELY. Then she just looked at her with a very snobbish face (she’s not pretty by the way) and said “You better know my name”. PFFFFTTT ! Then she just handed her name card and walked away. On her name card, there was no whatsoever title in front of her name and she was just some PR who has her own PR company.

For me, I don’t really care whoever you are. I don’t see if there’s anything wrong with being humble. There’s really no need to be a braggart, woman. I still don’t know your name by the way.


Scene Three

Since it was a grand event of the company, as they partnered with American Express for it. So the company spent a fortune on champagnes, wines and beers. The boss literally said that they ‘spend a fortune’ on all that. By the look of it last night, the boss wasn’t kidding about it. Well it’s fine I guess. They’re British, that’s just how they party.

Everybody had their alcohol last night. Even the Malays. I know it’s nothing new about that but what caught my attention was when these Malays drank a few glasses of champagne and they were already talking nonsense. Some, even just a few sip, their eyes turned red. And it was only champagne ! and this one guy, a Malay of course had all kinds of alcohol and he started to not being himself while the event was still going on.

The British and Americans could have a alcohol like water and still standing strong, cause they’re used to that. But when these Malays pretend like they are one of the Whites, it gave an utterly embarrassing sight. It’s not always “if you can’t beat them, join them” okay ? Please.




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