Chicken or Beef ?

I have love/hate feelings towards both chicken and beef. I love and hate them both in some ways.

I love fried chicken, chicken soup and I prefer chicken in my fried rice/mee instead of meat. I like rendang ayam, ayam masak merah, kari ayam and anything ayam. In all that I have mentioned, I prefer it to be chicken than any other kind of meat. I just though that all that taste better with chicken.

But as much as I love chicken, I have to admit that chicken can’t beat beef when it comes to sausages, lasagne or even burgers. I think chickens are better off as wings, drumsticks, breasts rather than in form of sausages, burgers or minced to be made lasagne. I just had to mention lasagne because chicken lasagne is really tasteless. Beef isĀ juicier. Juicier for burgers and also sausages.

Well mutton is different. I don’t really have mutton as often as I had chicken or beef. Honestly, I think mutton is the best of all. It’s so yummy especially when Mom made Nasi Beriani Kambing. (Y)

Up there is chicken lasagne. I had to order that because there was no beef lasagne on the menu. I almost never had chicken lasagne before, tried this one and I knew I was right. I was right that the french fries were good.



2 thoughts on “Chicken or Beef ?

  1. Nadhrah November 25, 2010 / 12:55 PM

    It looks so yummy !

    • Aysha November 25, 2010 / 12:57 PM

      biasa je. Had better

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