At TGV Cinemas, Sunway Pyramid

Survey Girl: Adik, boleh luangkan masa sikit tak untuk survey TGV ni ?

Me: Ermm, okay

Survey Girl: Sekejap je. Ada token la nanti untuk adik.

Me: Okay

Survey Girl: Okay, sebelum tu bolah akak dapatkan nama adik ?

Me: Aysha Ridzuan. *Had to spelled it out for her and she still got my name spelled wrongly. -_-

Survey Girl: Okay, umur adik ?

Me: 20

Survey Girl: HAA ? DUA PULUH ? BETUL KE ? *with a very surprised look

Me: Ha. Ye. Betul lah. Kenapa ?

Survey Girl: Nampak macam… hmm.. LAPAN BELAS.


Why is it that a lot of people thought I’m a teenager ? I’ve left the -teen phase so I wanna look like a lady. Not look old, just at least not like a teenage girl. I wonder who will be the first to not thought I’m a teenage girl. I wonder when.




5 thoughts on “Post-Teen

  1. diane November 20, 2010 / 9:37 AM

    people thought i dress up like 20ish people.haha.

  2. iezie November 22, 2010 / 8:37 PM

    hahaha normal la tu sha… and aku pun kene gak and it is from the same survey… hahaha…

    • Aysha November 23, 2010 / 9:43 AM

      diorang tu saje je nak create conversation kot. Ntah2 dia sebenarnya iongat aku lagi tua. -__-

  3. Nadhrah November 25, 2010 / 12:29 PM

    because you’re so short

    • Aysha November 25, 2010 / 12:35 PM

      you fat

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