The Other Eid

I remembered years ago when Atok and Nenek were still staying in Mersing, it was just a small town. The Eid Adha celebration was nothing like in the city. That was the first time I witnessed the village people ‘slaughtered’ a cow. I can’t stand such sight actually, with the blood (A LOT) and the sufferings of the cow. I couldn’t handle that. So I though that everybody who was involved in that, really had a huge courage.- even to hold the animal.

It is not yet Eid Adha in Malaysia but most are already celebrating it like my friends in London and Australia. I am not trying to understand why are we celebrating it by a day late ?

Anyway, this would be the first time I would be celebrating Eid Adha alone, by myself. I only get a day off from work so very unlikely I’m going back home to JB to celebrate. I doubt that my family back home will celebrate it either cause Dad said they’re not going back to Ipoh. In fact, my sisters and brother will be at the cinema for Harry Potter that night. -_-

So I guess this Eid Adha is just going to be another day off from work, stay-at-home day for me. Even Adam and his sisters will be going back to their grandparents’ tonight, or tomorrow. Could I have some meat then ? Any part for me ? 1/4 ?  :)

Have a great Eid Adha for those celebrating.  :)


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