The First Step

I have this cousin. She’s a first cousin on my Dad’s side but we are not that close but I have her on my Facebook. She’s happily married with a baby boy now. I had her on Facebook since before she had a baby. After the baby boy was born, her Facebook and also her husband’s Facebook had a major change.

I always believe that first baby is the most loved by the parents. Though maybe it is commonly known that the last child is the most pampered but I think, it’s a different kind of thing with the first baby. First is always good, no ? Every parents is the happiest parents when they had their first child. And any baby after that is just another child. Not that they’re not thankful or not happy to have a second or third child, it’s just a different kind of feeling, I guess. No, I’m not being biased here for being the eldest of my siblings. But I think most of the eldest would agree with me. ;)

So back to the cousin of mine. Since she had a baby, her husband’s and her Facebook now are like the baby’s Facebook. Both changed their profile pictures to the baby’s photo. The baby’s almost 1 year old now by the way. She made an album every time the baby’s a month older. She had album on the baby’s first day out, first trip, first Raya, first everything. The mother’s Facebook statuses too, will only be about the baby. Don’t get me start on the father. He even changed his name to his son’s name.

And then last week, the mother’s status read ” Yayy Iman dah pandai jalan !! Happynyaaa !”.

My sister told me about it, I told my brother as we are all aware of this and we thought that they’re kinda funny. Then we started to predict that next they would post a photo of every step that the baby took and make an album of it. and guess what ? Our initial prediction FAILED ! It’s even better. They posted a video of the baby’s first, second, multiple steps ! HAHAH

My point is, are they still going to do all this when they had a second child ? I doubt that a lot. I don’t think they will still have the same hype as they did with the first one.

Anyway, when the baby’s older, he can view his baby photo album right from his parents’ Facebooks. ;)



One thought on “The First Step

  1. Nadhrah November 25, 2010 / 12:36 PM

    PapaIman ImanComel

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