I’m On Tumblr

I had a discussion over Tumblr with Ana earlier on Twitter. Yeah we could actually do that on Twitter. All hail Twitter. I just needed to hear Ana’s views on blog hosts and anything related to blogging because I thought of moving to Tumblr and ditching WordPress for some reasons. I turned to her cause I think she’s more familiar with the blogsphere than I am.

After a few considerations, I’ve decided to stick on WordPress and still have it as my main blogging space. Yay WordPress ! But… I am also now on Tumblr for me to reblog cool stuff and photos. Basically, what I do on Tumblr is what I don’t do here on my WordPress. So don’t expect writings on my Tumblr cause reading stuff will only be here on my WordPress.

Anyway, do take a peek on my Tumblr. ;)


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