The Third Phase

31st October already ?

That makes today my last day being so free, so unemployed. As some of you may know, tomorrow as in 1st November 2010 will be my first day at work. First time ever for me to have the ’employee’ title.

After all the offers, days of interviews I sort of had a hard time making a decision on which company should I go for. It’s my first time, things were new and not easy for me. Everybody made a good offer and it was hard to say no. But then I could only work for one so after some considerations and views from close friends and parents, a decision is made.

I will be working for Mongoose Publishing starting on Monday, next week. More specifically, I will be working under TimeOutKL .

My office would be here.


nahh not this one

though it would be awesome, if it was that one. ;)

But it’s this building (white arrow)

Yeah, my office would be at the Ambank Tower, right in the middle of the city.

My time and days would be a lot more spent in KL now. From dawn till dusk. Sunrise to sunset. It’s gonna be a brand new stuff for me. New places, new people, new experience.

Well I guess I’m prepared for this. I should be. Tomorrow is already working day. Hopefully everything goes well for me. :) Anyway, I had a great October. I had a busy one actually but it was good busy.

Goodbye October. Can’t believe 10 months have gone already.
and dear November, I hope you welcome me with open arms :)


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