Shag Seeker At Central Market

The KL Central Market or the Pasar Seni may be a very well known place for everybody especially the KL folks. I don’t consider myself as ‘KL folks’ so it’s an exception for me that I am not very familiar with Central Market. Heard about it a lot but I don’t really have business there and it is just another place for me. My friend mentioned CM last year and I had no idea it stands for Central Market. -.-

So last two days, I happened to have to go there. I needed to register for the student rapid pass as I will be using a lot of rapid KL transports and I still don’t know why the form is only available at the Central Market station and not at all LRT stations ? hmph.

I was 30 minutes early. The counter opened at 9am. Damn. So I HAD to wait. People were everywhere. Rushing to work etc. I just sat on a bench there reading a newspaper. Just flipping actually, and then someone approached me….

A man around late 40s. With a belly. Formally dressed, I assumed for work. His white hair partially visible. An empty phone holster attached on his belt. Stood near me, smiled and started talking.

He talked about he’s from Kedah going to Putrajaya because he had to sign this tender for a new project in Puchong or something. Then he kept talking and asking where I was going, where do I stay, am I working or studying. I answered ONE word at a time or just nodded. I just kept my eyes on the newspaper. It was ‘okay’ until…..

“Ada duit tak ni ? Kalau takda, ABANG boleh bagi *grin”

When the word ‘ABANG’ hit my ear drum, I knew something was not right. I started to smell something fishy. Very very fishy. Felt all the ‘euw’ nerve running through my veins. Someone old enough to be my Dad called himself ‘ABANG‘ to me ? urgh.

HE DIDN’T STOP THERE. It gets worse.

Then he went on,

“ABANG (euw) ingat nak sewa hotel kat Petaling Street tu. Kalau free, jom lah ikut sekali. *smiled ear to ear”


He asked TWICE.

Then I just got off the bench, called Adam and went far away from that bloody old man. The ‘euw’ nerve I had earlier over ‘Abang’ just went into my stomach and turned into puke and I felt like vomiting. I was completely disgusted by the fact that he actually dared to ‘try’ me. Worse, IN THAT WAY.


“I dah agak dah benda macam ni akan jadi. Tengok, belum start kerja pun dah kena macam ni” – Adam and he went on worrying.

“Things like this happened. Just becareful out there”– Ayah

“Don’t talk to strangers. Mereka nak cakap sombong biarlah. Occupy yourself. Your face looks innocent. Memang senang kena tipu. You don’t look like the kid in Orphan or Case 39. he he”– Mom

“Eeee bodoh gila. Aku benci lelaki yang treat perempuan like a piece of shit !” – Amaleina

“That’s not creepy. That’s disgusting. Screw that guy” – Aiman

“Wei, kenapa wei ? Kau jumpa mamat handsome ehhhhh ??” – the best friend Nyssa when I tried to call her, but she was busy so I didnt get to tell her the story. So she BBM-ed me that. -.-

Who on Earth in his late 40s would seek for a random shag at 8.30 AM in the morning and on Tuesday ?! It was completely unacceptable that he actually had  a slight thought in his mind that I, someone who sets a very high standard in everything in my life, would actually fall for that ??


and here I vow not to step on Central Market/Pasar Seni ever again by myself. The place even smell like pee. Literally. YUCK !


One thought on “Shag Seeker At Central Market

  1. pink lavender October 29, 2010 / 1:51 PM

    huh? gelinye.. ABANG (read: pak cik) tu kurang kasih sayang kot.. :p

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