Like A Ping Pong Ball

Sometimes people wonder how do I get to know so many people. Almost everywhere I go, there would be one that I’ve met before or at least that person is a friend of friend.

I never really though about that though until someone told me about it. All this while I just thought that it happens because the world is small. Well the world is not small for everybody. It depends.

In my case, since I was little, my family moved around a lot. I was born in London, stayed there for almost a year and I had a friend there Kamil who’s a year older than me. That was the start. First friend I made but I was just a baby. Then my parents and I moved to Seremban, no memory on that though. After my brother was born, we moved to KL. That’s when I met Adam. Then in 1996, we moved back to Seremban.

In my school years, I have had 5 different schools until the day I left school. When I was 7 and 8, there was one school. When I was 9 I changed school. Stayed there for 2.5 years. Those were co-ed schools. And when I was 11, my Mom transfered me to an all-girls school, a Convent until I had my UPSR. So there. How many schools, classes and friends have I met even only in my primary school years ? I still remember almost all of them and still in touch with some.

Then it comes to my secondary years. Still in Convent from Form 1 to Form 3. Thought I was going to finish school there but then my forever moving family is still moving. When I was 16, my family left Seremban for JB. After all the years in Seremban it was hard though to leave it all. Another school again when I was 16 until the last school day. There I made new friends too.

It doesn’t stop there. When did it ever stopped anyway ? When I was 18, college starts. This time, I was by myself moving away to KL. Subang Jaya to be specific. By then, my friends from schools had separated too and that’s when my friend from this school, met my friend from the other school. My friends are friends with my friends. My friends from high school met my friends from primary schools. Suddenly everybody knows everybody and there’s me in that social chain.

College life made my world even smaller. FACT.

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not. I think there’s pros and cons in the ‘everybody knows everybody’. It’s really hard for me to meet someone REALLY NEW. Someone who is never connected to ANYBODY that I know/knew.

Now that I will be leaving college, entering the working life. More people to come. I guess my world gets smaller. TINY.


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