Name It Right

my boyfriend and I will/are/don’t…….”
“I’m going with my boyfriend
“where is my boyfriend ?”

Those up there are words you won’t hear me say. I don’t know why, but I have never really addressed my boyfriend as ‘my boyfriend’ when I want to mention him or talk about him. Not only the current one, but to all those I’ve been a girlfriend to before.

Is that a bad thing ?  Is that unusual ?

It’s not that I do not admit that I have a boyfriend or am I denying that he is my boyfriend but I just don’t say it like that. Of course I know, he knows and people who know, know that we are in a relationship but it almost never happened that I would have ‘my boyfriend’ in any of my sentence.

I would always just use his name when I’m talking about him or even writing about him. I never substitute his name with ‘my boyfriend’. Let alone my lover, my beau, my baby, my sweetheart, my hubby or anything like that. It’s not that I think I shouldn’t or what, I just never thought about it. It’s really nothing wrong by just saying his name, right ? It’s his name anyway. Not like I’m calling him names.

It’s different when it’s a conversation between us though. It’s the opposite thing when we’re talking or writing to each other. I don’t call him by name. I don’t like him calling me by name either. In fact, I feel weird calling him by name. hehe.  :P

I think it’s sweet when someone addresses her/his boy/girl as ‘my boyfriend’/’my girlfriend’. I am not sure if Adam does that. I don’t think he does. No, I REALLY do not think he does that. I’m fine with it. It really isn’t a big deal though.

But, it’s still sweet ;)



One thought on “Name It Right

  1. Nadhrah November 25, 2010 / 12:39 PM

    Namja chingu :)

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