Last night, Dad actually taught Mom how to tweet. Well it’s not really her personal account, it’s for her business purpose. So Dad taught Mom what to update, how to follow, how to RTs and all the Twitter basics.

Then it came to this conversation about Twitter:

Ayah: Kenapa some people ada gambar ‘lock’ tu dekat Twitter dia ?

Me: That means their Twitter are private

Ayah: Kenapa nak private ?

Me: Diorang private sebab senang nak filter followers. So tak semua orang boleh baca tweet diorang. Some artiste private account diorang.

Ayah: ohh.. macam mana nak private kan ?

Me: tu kena buat on the Twitter web. Tak boleh buat kat BB. Why ? Buat apa Ayah nak private ?

Ayah: Biarlah.. Ayah pun artiste. *with a grin


One thought on “Perasan

  1. Nadhrah November 25, 2010 / 12:40 PM

    HAHAHAHA Like 100x !

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