How We Roll

My best friend, Nyssa has been a great friend for many years now. We shared a lot of things with each other. The thing is, we may share a lot of things with each other but we don’t have all things in common. That doesn’t matter though, we are both aware of that. We still get along no matter how opposite we are.

1. Self
Nyssa is a soft-heart young lady. She has a lot of patience in every part of her body. She could stand almost everything even if hurts or not to her liking. Her ego on the other hand is almost non-existence. Well of course at times she would let out her dissatisfaction towards something or someone to me but that’s the most she would do.

As for myself, exactly the opposite of all the above. Hard-headed, very thin patience and the ego came out once in a while. Not that I’m proud of all those. It’s a bad thing but I’m still working on it.A stranger on Twitter even called me hostile just based on my tweets. How are my tweets tell me that I’m hostile. That was harsh. I think I’m harmless :P


2. Men
Her type of men is a complete Malay man. Laid back, easy going guy. Mixed blood or westerns don’t interest her much. Sure she would agree if some of them might caught her eyes but she will then clarify that they are not for her and that she will always and only love a Malay man. In fact, she has one with her for more than 3 years now. *bow

Me ? hmm I don’t want to say this but honestly, mixed blood or ‘mat salleh’ always attract me. The good looking ones of course. I dig them a lot actually. I have always thought that if there is any very good looking Malay man, he must be mixed blood. A Malay man could be good looking but in a certain standard. Okay these are just based on looks. Let’s just move on from here before some Malay men get mad. ;)


3. The Opposite Attract
Nyssa is attracted to someone who is very much different from herself. The same goes for me me too. After a number of failed relationships, I finally realized that I cannot and can never be with someone like me. That means Nyssa would love a guy version of me and I would love a guy version of her.

Nyssa’s beau is alike me in some ways. Nothing like her. While Adam is yeah, like Nyssa. The way they handle things are almost the same. The way they think are alike too. So sometimes when I talked to Nyssa about a fight with Adam, she will go “I know how he feels, etc etc….”  I said that too when she fought with her boyfriend. Hahaa. It’s kinda funny though.


Yeah I know this is a long post. I don’t really update that much anymore. I have other concerns now. I’ve never thought I would say that I have ‘concerns’ though. Seems like life is a burden or something but it’s not that. I have loads of things to settle and manage so I don’t get to go on the internet that often, let alone write a blog.

This blog is almost abandon and I have not yet started working. I don’t know how if this blog going to be like when I have started having other new important responsibilities or obligations. Let’s just hope that I won’t forget that I actually have a blog.




2 thoughts on “How We Roll

  1. Afiq Razin Ong October 20, 2010 / 10:17 PM

    1.Harmless, pfffttt, please.
    2.I’m offended as a malay guy ok. =p
    3.Ok you don’t blog as often, but you are quite a frequent blogger other than my blogging friends.

    • Aysha October 20, 2010 / 10:20 PM

      1. Eyyy I’m harmless lahhh
      2. I didn’t mean it that way laaah. Hehe
      3. Well I’m afraid I won’t be blogging so much nanti. :(
      4. You’ve been quite. I miss you :(

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