” Nanti awak dah kerja, awak tau lah betapa nikmatnya weekend tu “- Nadzrul Adam

All my life, I have never really valued the phrase Thank God it’s Friday! (TGiF). Normally when people TGiF, they will ‘Monday sucks’ due to Monday Blues. Poor Monday :/ During school days, of course I loved weekends but it was not really a big deal because we only went to school for 6 hours. College days, classes were not too tight. Most of the time I was in College, I didn’t have classes on Friday. Towards the end of College last month, I only had classes on Wednesday and Thursday. So technically it was Thank God it’s Everyday to me.

Then Adam came out with that other phrase up there. Yeah he is working now. Got off the house at 8am, came back home at 6pm or later. When he’s back at home, had dinner, went online for a while or played on his PSP then latest by 1am he’s all ready for bed. Everyday of his weekdays are busy. Busy with work. That means, weekends are so precious to him. And that phrase TGiF may have been his favourite quote now.

As for myself, I am still not feeling the TGiF just yet. Not that I don’t thank God that’s Friday. In fact, I thank God for the chance to live for another day everyday. That’s how it should be, right? But then I know I will have to go through the working life like how Adam did. I am indeed looking forward to it. I hope my job won’t be so harsh on me so that I could always Thank God For Everyday ! :)


p/s: new blog theme – again. ;)

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