Kun Fayakun

In my 20 years of life, I almost never been into any accidents. I can say for myself that I am not accident prone. Well sure I’ve had paper cuts, or maybe accidentally cut my finger when using the knife but that’s about it. I’ve never broken any bones of my body, knocked out my tooth or anything like that.

I remember the worst accident on myself and by myself that I had was when I was about 7, I think. I ran around the house and hit my head at the edge of stairs handle. My scalp bleed just a little. I didn’t even feel any pain. Let alone road accidents. I’m grateful that I’ve never been in one, as I thought.

Well few weeks back, I had my first car accident. No, I wasn’t driving. I was the front passenger. It was not really a serious one though. In fact, it was not even our fault. Everybody was alright. But maybe because it was my first car accident, so I panicked a lot. I panicked as if I broke my arm or my leg. It was a mixed feelings I had. Worried, anxious, shocked and everything of that family.

Lesson learnt is that it doesn’t mean if you drive carefully and safely you won’t get into accidents, if things are fated to happen, they just happen.

Like the horrible accident happened last night at around 7pm at PLUS Highway from Melaka heading to KL. 11 died and 45 injured (God bless them). It involved two busses, 3 cars and a van. The bus actually flung and fall on top of the cars on the other side of the road. You see, how on Earth would the car driver knew if a bus was going to fall on top of his car that night despite him driving safely or not ? That’s fate.

No matter how safe we try to be, how careful we are, how great we take care of ourselves, one thing that will never changed is that our lives and deaths are in The Almighty’s hands. Wallahualam.

p/s: 10.10.10 may be a remarkable date for most newly weds but it is also a tragedy.

*Kun Fayakun – Be and it is


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