Hello October! 30 days of September has passed. Well I have nothing much to say about September. Things sort of went as I have expected early of the month. For October, for now I am enjoying my holidays and for the record I am unemployed.

October and months after that could be something new for me. I probably would have a new direction of my life, like having a job. That is like the newest of me because I have never worked before. EVER. So yeah, hope I survived that.

Anyway, for the virtual life in this month of October, I am enabling my long abandoned Formspring account. I have disabled this thing for almost a year or more now because at one point, it was getting out of hands. Another thing is, Formspring has been flooded with these 13, 14 year olds. What kind of questions do they get? Have you done your homework?

I will be welcoming questions for only this month cause you know, I don’t like Formspring very much. Do fulfill your curiosity in this 31 days of October! and don’t expect too much from my Formspring ;)

Formspring Me.


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