Open House Weekend

Kuala Lumpur was hectic last weekend. Wait, when is it not ? Anyway, it was the third week of Syawal so it’s the time where everybody and I mean EVERYBODY would have their Raya open houses. I love open houses. It’s where the good free food are (if they’re good), where I meet friends and new people.

So last Saturday, I had four open house invitations while Adam had two. Most of them were at the same time slot, 12-3pm. We tried to schedule them but then we only managed to attend only 4 out of 6 open houses. 3 of mine and one of Adam’s. We wished to attend all if we could but we couldn’t catch the time. *sigh

We started at about 1pm at Lynn’s open house in Bukit Jalil. It wasn’t only a Raya open house, it was also the launching if her parents’ new defense store. It was real cool. They sell guns, bullets, body armours, knives and all those that I’ve only seen in action movies before.

Then at around 4 something, we rushed to Kelana Jaya for Reena’s open house. There were all Imran’s crazy course mates. About an hour or so, we went to Puchong for another two open houses. We were done by 8pm or so.

It was an exhausting day. Travelling, talking, eating, laughing did take a lot of my energy. It was a long day and I’m glad that in one day, Adam met a lot of my friends.


2 thoughts on “Open House Weekend

  1. alice September 28, 2010 / 10:23 PM

    aliceh likes this! dan layout bru sgguh cool dan menarik.

    • Aysha September 28, 2010 / 10:27 PM

      haha tapi tak panjang macam blog latest kauuu. ! :P

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