The two best friends that are with me through thick and thin are Nyssa and Hazirah. We have been best friends for almost 10 years now and still counting.

Last Friday, we went to Melaka for fun as well as to see Nyssa, yeah that was the fun ;) It has been a while that the three of us had a get together time. It’s hard to get us all three in one place at one time nowadays since we are now studying at different places. This time, we managed to hang out and most importantly, they met lover boy. :)

Out of all the ‘boyfriends’ I have had before, only Hazirah has met one of them, which was my first boyfriend. Nyssa, has never met any. Blame distance and of course the short-term relationships. In a way, it is really no point to meet them anyway. It’s different this time, both of my best friends got to meet him at the same time. Glad that it all went well and they sort of bonded right away.

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Jonker Street is a must go. It’s all the same every time  but I like it there. It’s so lively with the lights and all. We had the wonderful asam pedas. Cheap and delicious. Must have ! Then there was this man who made in the Malaysia Book of Records for breaking 3 coconuts with a finger. Just a finger. He had a demo there and I think it’s ridiculous. He hurt himself after he broke the coconut. His index finger grew two or three times larger than its original size. Crazy. I always thought that the Book of Records is crazy and lame.

The journey to Melaka didn’t really went smooth though but it was a good experience for all of us who were there, I guess. Alhamdulillah, we were all safe and sound. :)

2 thoughts on “Fortune

  1. Ziera September 28, 2010 / 11:02 PM

    heheh. sgt suke post ni! <3 you bff!

    • Aysha September 28, 2010 / 11:29 PM

      wuv you too ! ;)

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