I Don’t, I’m Not

  • I am not a hot drink person.  Not that I am not trained to take hot drinks but I always like my drinks cold and with ice. But then of course when I am down with flu, it’s a big no to cold drinks.
  • I don’t drink coffee. In my family, only my parents do. Even at Starbucks, I won’t order espresso, cappucino, frappucino or macchiato. I would just have vanilla or chocolate ice blended.
  • I have never worn a fake eye lashes because I never wanted to and I don’t know how to. Well mostly because I don’t think I needed to.
  • I don’t fancy fast cars. This I realized when I took a ride in my Uncle’s Skyline. I like the idea of having cars like that but certainly not for me. I am more of a Audi or a BMW person.
  • I am not a touch-screen person. For example, I think iPhone is so cool and very attractive but once I hold it in my hand, I know it is not for me.


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