You, twenty.

Hey you, you are 20 today. I’m glad that I am still here to wish you on the day you turn 20 but sadly I can’t be there with you to celebrate it. Blame on your 20th birthday that falls on 4th Syawal. Hehe.

I wish you all the happiness and the love in the world. You’re a man now. I know you said you are becoming man. You are close, don’t worry. :)

Muhammad Nadzrul Adam, may God bless you and I hope to still be here on your 21st, 22nd, 40th, 55th and all the birthdays you will have.

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One thought on “You, twenty.

  1. nadzruladam September 13, 2010 / 9:47 AM

    Thank you.
    You’re my birthday present for this year. (:

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