From Ipoh,

It’s already 3rd Syawal today. I am still in Ipoh up to the second I’m typing this. Raya in Ipoh is the same like any other past Raya. We stay home on the 1st Syawal, welcoming the same faces who will visit on the 1st day of every Syawal. On the 2nd day my family will go out visiting Dad’s Uncles and Cousins. Same routine every year.

Today, the third day we are basically out of plans. Usually, we don’t receive so much of visitors here on 3rd Syawal. Later in the evening my family and I will be leaving Ipoh and head off to Sepang (Mom’s side). Yea my Raya is not even close to done yet and it will be until the last day of Syawal. Serious.

This Raya, I am a bit disappointed because I didn’t have so many photos taken. In all Raya, it will be only me who would care to take Raya photos. None in my family cares. Especially my sister.-.- Come on, I don’t wear these baju kurung/baju kebaya everyday and Syawal 2010 only happens once in a lifetime right ? hmm

So anyway, hope you guys had and still having fun too. :)


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