His name is Redza Minhat. Not that famous but if you watched Pisau Cukur, he was the guy with braces who ended up with Maya Karin in that movie.

My best friend Nyssa is a fan of him just because he is about 30 y/o (I think) and wears braces. Cute eh ? ;) When I watched Pisau Cukur, I almost did not pay attention on him or his character at all. Well maybe because I was focusing on someone else, who was also the reason I watched that movie which I don’t plan to elaborate more on that particular subject. Well, Nyssa did of course.

I found out something about this man last night – He blogs. He actually writes good stuff and he sounds good. Glad now I have another good reading to do. Here are two of his posts that I found interesting and nicely told : what do i think of 1 Malaysia and berasap asap. I haven’t gone through all the previous posts yet, but I’m sure there are a lot more to it.

Pay a visit to his blog here. :)


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