Last night was a tragedy. For the past few weeks, I have been trying to upgrade my Blackberry OS on my laptop but failed every time. Since I am home, so last night I tried to upgrade it using my dad’s laptop and it went well. Actually it was a very quick upgrade. It should have taken a few hours or more actually. I was glad it didn’t take long for that.

As soon as it said on the screen “your device is now ready to be disconnected from the PC”, that is when the tragedy happened. The theme is the theme used when I first had it in my hands 6 months ago. The phone book is clean, super clean. No data at all. The text messages and MMS inbox is also crystal clear. I remembered I had about 17 000 messages on my device. I just realized that in 6 months, I sent and received about 17 000 messages. Not only that, my BBM contacts are all gone too.

Then I remembered : I forgot to tick the tiny little ‘Backup’ box before I upgraded my device. Damn.

When that happened, I felt like 6 months of my life was gone My Blackberry is like new now but I am not even happy about it. It’s not the messages or the BBM contacts that I am concerned of. I was more concerned on the hundreds of contact numbers that I had with me for several years. Old friends, new friends. Yea of course I don’t keep in touch with ALL of them ALL the time but maybe there’s some sentimental values that I want to keep.

I managed to recover the BBM contacts. Not all, only half of what I used to have. I’ll work on that. As for the phone book, I can’t get ALL of them back so I have only close friends or maybe some mutual friends. Others that I have lost contact, but had their numbers will remain lost. There’s really nothing much I can do about it. The only way is turn back time and tick the little box. Only if that’s possible.

Moral of the story is, the littlest things in life matters a lot. Like in this case, that tiny little ‘Backup’ box played a vital part in the past 6 months of my life.


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