Family Break Fast

Food talk again !

The family came down to KL this weekend to break fast with my brother and I. We all went a little bit different this time by spending most of our times in Shah Alam. Dad just decided to tukar angin I guess. So we went to this Restoran Cina Muslim Al Munawarah in Section 9, Shah Alam. Don’t ask me directions to get here or anywhere in Shah Alam please, because I am not very familiar with Shah Alam. You can say that I’m buta Shah Alam.

You know what’s best for buka puasa ? First, rice. Second is, when you have your rice and variety of other food in front of you to eat with your rice. Fish, chicken, vegetables, eggs, etc. and that’s what we had last Saturday.

The menu were : Ikan Siakap Sweet Sour, Sotong Brown Kam Heong, Ayam Ying Yong, Kangkung Belacan, Egg fuyong, Butter prawn (Y), and Tofu

Overall, the food were all good. I was bloated. Imagine, I had fish, chicken, eggs, tofu, prawns all at once. Satisfaction. ;)

p.s : something interesting happened in the restaurant that day. Next up !


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