The Eastwood

Note : He doesn’t look like this anymore. He is of course very wrinkly with white hair but still awesome. ;)

I have been watching a lot of movies lately and by a lot I mean, A LOT ! be it old or latest movies. Simply because I have so much of free times, so much, yes. No it’s really not cool to have so much of free times. I am darn bored. That resulted to A LOT of movies.

I have my own favourite directors. For comedy, usually I will go for Adam Sandler’s, genius stuff, it would be Martin Scorsese’s and Christopher Nolan’s and my latest love is Clint Eastwood.

I fall hard for his movies when I watched Million Dollar Baby for the first time. That movie was outstanding. It really touched me. They way he put his story moved me. I think it moved anyone who watched it.

After that movie, I didn’t really search for his other movies as I thought he didn’t make a lot of movies since he was an actor. I don’t really trust actor cum director credibility in making movies. This old man kind of proved me wrong.

The second movie that I watched was Changeling. Damn and again it moved me. This man is real good in making these kind of movies. Like REAL good. I am actually kind of late on his movies. His latest would be Gran Torino which I only got to watch few days ago and yes again, two thumbs up !

After Changeling and Gran Torino, I am now searching and downloading movies he had ever made. e.g Letters From Iwo Jima, Invictus, Mystic River etc.

Eastwood, I should have noticed you a long time ago. Salute.

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