Garden Dining

Since I had extra cash for the week, which is hardly every happened, yesterday I was being the best sister to my little brother, which is not so little and the sweetest girl to Adam, which I am always, hehe when I decided to treat them for break fast. Yea, all on me, that doesn’t happen all the time. Well, it’s not that I don’t want to. I would if I could.  :)

At first we planned to break fast at Cozy House in Great Eastern Mall. Adam made the reservation a day before. Then yesterday Cozy House called at around 1pm, I think, to take down orders because last order is at 5pm. So because we don’t know the menu, and we can’t go there just to make orders because my brother was in college, we decided to change plan.

We then went to The Curve and made reservation for three at the Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe. It’s the three of us first time there.

I had Ribena Blast , Adam had this English Breakfast Tea in a cute teapot while my brother had the normal Ice Lemon Tea. For food, I had Spaghetti Marinara which was kind of sour. Adam and my brother went foe the normal-kedai-melayu-food, Adam had Chicken Paprik while brother had Fish Curry with rice and oh he had the Chicken Wings for appetizer.

Basically the food were just okay. I liked my Ribena Blast though. It was really a blast. hehe . Brother said the fish curry was okay too, his okay is usually not a good okay. If he says it is good, then IT IS good. He said the curry was just like Mamak’s curry -.- . Adam didn’t comment much about his food. He was too hungry I think. The chicken wings were good.

I don’t want to comment on the food prices. I’m fine with it, but the service charge was RM8 ++. hmmm. But many thumbs up for the beautiful presentation and garden cafe !  :)

But but, highlight of the day was ……………….

awww so sweeeett ………. NOT !  -__- notice what’s wrong with the picture ?
(they were actually a couple or more couples who did this on the Curve’s The Street , pfft)

2 thoughts on “Garden Dining

    • Aysha August 20, 2010 / 2:47 PM

      pleasure :)

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