I don’t always do food or restaurants reviews but out of all days, I am tempted to do it in this holy month of Ramadhan, mind me.

So a day before Ramadhan, Adam and I tried this newly opened (I think) restaurant in Sunway Pyramid called Frames. I saw it last week and loved the interior, yea I’m a sucker for purdy interiors. I admit, I am easily deceived by looks ;)

The restaurant is decorated with photo frames. Obviously since it is called Frames. We went there for lunch and we both were the only customers there at that moment. It was working day and it was not yet lunch hour. So it was good to have the place all by ourselves.  :)

I had G-fresh for my drink , it was its signature drink. Ice blended grape with lychees. It was good. Then I had some sort of Nasi Minyak I think since the smell is like the food you had in kenduri kahwin. Really. and Adam had beef lasagne. Yummers.

That’s about it. My, I don’t really know how to do a restaurant or food review. haha


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